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    Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, has said that the Missing Persons Call Centre operation will be strengthened through the establishment of a field unit.
    “(This) means that we will have individuals attached to the unit, who will be on the road.doing the most complex cases that are difficult to resolve,” he told JIS News.
    The Call Centre, which is an initiative of Commissioner Ellington, is geared at identifying and dealing with the issue of missing persons. It provides follow-up to see if persons reported missing have returned home.
    Mr. Ellington noted that the success of the centre since it was launched on April 19 has been tremendous and highlights the importance of the facility. During the first week of operation the police resolved some 200 cases.
    “It is incredible how successful it is and . it is actually showing up that we have not been doing as much as we should have been doing in terms of tracking and locating missing persons and reuniting them with their families,” he said.
    The Commissioner said that through the centre it has been found that many persons, who were believed to be missing have actually returned home. “Some of them are actually staying with other relatives and we have confirmed by way of information contact with these individuals that many of them have been reunited with their families. So, it is very encouraging and it paints a better picture of what the situation looked like previously,” he said.
    The Missing Persons Call Centre is located at the office of the Police Commissioner at 101-103 Old Hope Road and is manned by six, specially trained district constables.

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