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Commissioner of Police, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin has said that increased police presence will have a marked effect on the levels of crime and violence in Jamaica.
“We feel very strongly that what is really going to have a marked effect on levels of crime and violence is the extent to which we can provide effective deterrents,” he emphasized, during a monthly press conference held at the Police Officers’ Club in Kingston on Monday (March 31).
The Commissioner explained that the deterrents include increasing police presence and the investigative capacity of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
“[We want] our investigative capability to increase to the extent, that when a man contemplates committing a crime he is going to say to himself that there is a reasonable chance that I am going to be caught, tried, convicted and put away,” Commissioner Lewin noted.
“These deterrents are what will make the difference in the long term and that is why we are working on strengthening the capabilities of the Force in all the aforementioned areas by increasing our levels of presence to provide that deterrence,” he further noted.
However, the Commissioner explained that another deterrent is when persons know that they will not get away with committing crimes.
“At that stage I think we will begin to see some real decreases in these crimes,” he added.
The press conference also focussed on Area Five, highlighting the 22 most wanted in that division, which comprises St. Andrew North, St. Catherine North, St. Catherine South, and St. Thomas.
Area Five Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Karl Williams, noted the recent upsurge in crime in communities such as Cassava Piece in
St. Andrew North, Gobay and Spanish Town in St. Catherine North, and Yallahs in St. Thomas.
He used the opportunity to appeal to residents for cooperation and support as the police seek to capture those involved.
“In Area Five we have about 800,000 citizens and we have the responsibility to ensure their safety and security. We cannot do it alone and so we are calling on the citizens to help us to help them to make this Area Five a more secure area for their children to grow up in,” ACP Williams implored.

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