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MONTEGO BAY — Leaders, citizens and supporting agencies of the inner city community of Flanker, St. James, have been commended for their dedication to community renewal, which has resulted in the once feared community becoming one of the safest and most peaceful in western Jamaica.

“A few years ago, crime in Flanker was the talk of the town, but there is now a level of calm and tranquility,” Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in Charge of Area 1, Denver Frater, told the official ground-breaking ceremony for Phase 2 of the Flanker Infrastructure Development project on Thursday April 7.

He said that the level of calm and tranquility now being enjoyed in Flanker, speaks to the determination of the residents to work with state agencies to change the image of the community.

“Having achieved this, I really want to encourage members of the community to take it a step further, in helping the Police Department to secure the community,” ACP Frater said.

He said the job of the police has been made a lot easier, including assisting in the welfare of the community, with the accessibility made possible by the massive infrastructure works being carried out by the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) Limited, and supporting bodies.

“This was not achieved by luck, but out of a commitment and a determination by you, the citizens, working with the police, working with other state agencies, working with non-governmental organisations to secure your community and, for this, I want to commend you and to encourage you to continue to be good citizens,“ he added.

He informed the gathering that some 75 per cent of training for members of the Police Force in western Jamaica, in the area of community policing, has been completed, as the focus is now on citizens and police working in full cooperation for safer communities.

“The Commissioner has seen it fit, based on the level of expansion now being undertaken in this area, to provide additional personnel for us to work with communities like Providence and Flanker, in ensuring that we understand each other,” ACP Frater said.

He added that human rights, use of force and excess force issues should not be a problem for the force in the future.

“What we hope to achieve is full cooperation, on your side and from my side, in order that together we can enjoy the beauty of our beloved community,” he added.



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