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The Jamaica Police Co-operative Credit Union is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and to mark this milestone, the entity is awarding a total of 50 bursaries and scholarships to children of members of the organization, who were successful in their GSAT examinations.
The handing over of these bursaries and scholarships has been taking place across the island, with the final presentation taking place in Montego Bay on Friday, August 12, at the Credit Union’s offices on Gloucester Avenue, when cheques for 10 bursaries and one scholarship were presented to the beneficiaries. The bursaries are valued at $7,000 each while the scholarship is valued at $10,000 annually for a period of five years.
Addressing the recipients, Police Inspector Melvin Dennis charged them to make use of the opportunity that has been given to them. He congratulated them for demonstrating that they possessed the basic abilities that made them deserving of the awards.
He told them that they have to further develop these abilities, and apply themselves, so they could achieve goals they had set for themselves.
“It means that you will have to work harder; that there is no place for laziness or complacency. Education is like planting a seed, the reward or the return that you get is dependent on how much you sow. If you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly,” he said.
The Police Inspector, who is in charge at the Sangster International Airport, urged the beneficiaries to be humble but to believe in themselves as they go through life.
“You have a right to a proper education, you have the right to develop into useful human beings, but nobody can do it for you. Your parents can only guide you along. It means that you have to be focused and you have to do it from now,” he emphasized.
Mr. Dennis pointed out that there would always be competition for the limited resources available, and urged the beneficiaries to always strive for excellence if they wanted to progress in life.

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