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Police activities will be stepped up in Mandeville and its environs in Manchester for the Christmas season. In an interview with JIS News, Superintendent of Police in charge of Manchester, Michael James informed that the residents in the areas should witness a higher visibility of uniformed police, especially in the commercial district.
“We have already started by increasing our police activities in and around the town of Mandeville, and the parish in general,” he said.
Mr. James also pointed out that the Police have intensified spot checks and road operations. “In a general way, we are seeking to improve the confidence of the citizens that they will be having a safe Christmas,” he said.
The Superintendent said that the number of persons involved with administration would be reduced, and that they would be redeployed on the streets.
He pointed out that the increased presence of the Police would be felt until the first week in January 2007, when commercial activities tends to slow down.Meanwhile, Sub-officer in charge of Traffic in Manchester, Sergeant Lancelot Fraser, told JIS News that increased personnel were on the roads to deal with traffic congestion that could arise during this busy yuletide season.
“One of the initiatives that we have embarked on is to have a ‘no right turn’ sign placed at the intersection of South Race Course Road and Caledonia Road, because persons turning right have always caused a lot of congestion in that vicinity,” he said.
Sergeant Fraser also noted that the Police would be asking the Manchester Parish Council, in conjunction with the National Works Agency (NWA), to make changes to the filter light at the intersection of Caledonia Road, Perth Road and Ward Avenue.
Another action to be taken by the Police is to remove taxi operators from undesignated areas in the parish.Sergeant Fraser urged persons doing business with cash to be extra careful this season. “We are also encouraging them to take care when transporting and storing purchased goods, particularly in the shopping areas,” he added.
“Persons who are doing large commercial transactions, we encourage them to seek the assistance of the Police. We will do what we can in ensuring that, to or from the bank, if they have lodgments to make, that they are protected,” the Sergeant told JIS News.

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