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Nicola Gaye Maxwell and Tyrone Wilson are two outstanding young people, who have been nominated for the coveted and prestigious Prime Minister’s Youth Awards.

Both have hailed the awards as an excellent medium to highlight the work of young people and motivate them to achieve their best.

“The PM’s youth award is a very good medium to highlight that there is still a glimmer of hope for the brilliant young minds of Jamaica,” Nicola stated.

Noting that most national awards and honours are given to “older people”, she said that this award, create exclusively for Jamaicans under the age of 25, signifies that the contributions of young people are seen as important.

Wilson added that youth are often involved in very negative activities such as crime and violence, and rewarding positive efforts present a good alternative to deviant behaviour.

Nicola and Tyrone, both 24, have made strides in the fields of Academics and Entrepreneurship respectively.

Nicola, who is being recognised for excellence in Spanish, received the Colombian Scholarship for Caribbean Spanish Teachers. She graduated with first class honours in Education from the University of the West Indies.

Tyrone is Chief Executive Officer of his own electronic magazine company, eZines, which boasts revenue of $4 million. He also is owner of CORETALK Caribbean, Jamaica’s only two-way SMS (text messaging solution) currently being utilized by the banks.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Awards will be held on Sunday, January 23 on the lawns of Jamaica House. This award is the highest honour bestowed upon Jamaicans between 15 and 24 years old.