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ST. MARY — Prime Minister, the Hon Bruce Golding, has urged young Jamaicans to use their training in more adventurous efforts to promote social and economic progress in the country.

Addressing a Young Professionals Forum at the Rio Nuevo Great House, St. Mary, on Sunday (July 24), Mr. Golding encouraged them not to be afraid of taking decisions and pursuing actions which will positively impact on the society and pave the way for a better nation.

The forum is an annual interactive event, hosted annually by Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary, Hon. Robert Montague, to enable trained young people in the parish to air their views on social and economic development, and present their perspectives on advancing the interest of young Jamaicans.

The Prime Minister told the youths that they should not just accept the status quo, and remain comfortable with the way in which the society is going as, in so doing, they would be displaying unwillingness to help create the changes needed to enable Jamaica to effectively play its role in the global economy.

He appealed to them to do everything possible to keep hope alive among young Jamaicans, and said that the Government was fully committed to formulating policies and implementing programmes to enhance their development and enable them to fully realize their potentials.

Responding to concerns about the inadequacy of available financial assistance to tertiary students, as well as the inability of trained teachers to get employment in the profession, Mr. Golding said the Government was partnering with private sector interests to create a bond to fund tertiary education over the long term.

He suggested that trained teachers experiencing difficulty in securing employment should consider specializing in the subject areas for which there is a shortage of qualified teachers, to become more marketable.

Turning to the performance of the agricultural sector and its contribution to the national economy, Mr. Golding said that there is need to add more value to agricultural production, in order to earn more foreign exchange and create more employment.

He said that young people will have to drive that vision, and their efforts will be significantly assisted by the fact that the Jamaican brand name was a powerful one internationally and, as such, will play a significant role in guaranteeing success.

Mr. Golding observed that the country was gradually coming out of the global economic crisis and could look to the future with confidence.

By Aston Bailey, JIS Reporter

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