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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, has said that the visit to Jamaica of Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, though short, was very fruitful and productive, and would forward the agenda of the developing world.
The Prime Minister, who spoke to JIS News at a reception held at the Half Moon Hotel in President Abasanjo’s honour, said that the visit, “will certainly enable us to strengthen the bonds of friendship, not only between Nigeria and Jamaica, but to ensure that we the developing countries will work together in concert in seeking a new and equitable world order”.
“Our discussions afforded us the opportunity of exchanging views on the whole question of the reform of the United Nations and this discussion was of particular importance, given my own responsibilities as Chairman of the Group of 77 and China and his as Chairman of the African Union, responsible for 54 countries in the United Nations membership”, the Prime Minister noted.
He pointed out, that a number of bilateral issues were also discussed, particularly relating to training. He informed, that master craftsmen from Nigeria would be arriving in Jamaica in September to assist in the areas of hotel and hospitality management.
“The visit also enabled him to meet a number of health workers, who have recently come from Nigeria and are deployed in various parishes and medical institutions and we were able to say thanks for that. We discussed also matters pertaining to petroleum, having regard to the whole question of energy and its importance to economic development and social upliftment”, Mr. Patterson told JIS News.
The Prime Minister stressed that over the years, he and the Nigerian President have been able to work closely in the Commonwealth, in the Group of 77, and in seeking to extend the contacts between the countries of Africa and the Caribbean.
The Nigerian President departed the country this morning after a one-day goodwill visit to Jamaica.
On his arrival at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay yesterday, (Aug. 2) President Abasanjo was met by a delegation of government officials and members of the St. James business community, led by Minister of Industry and Tourism, Aloun N’dombet Assamba.
He was transported to the Half Moon Hotel for talks with the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, K.D. Knight later led the Jamaican team for informal discussions with the Nigerian delegation.

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