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Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has emphasised the need for a “revival” in Jamaica, as the traditional approaches are not sufficient, to transform the society into one where individuals are able to experience life at its fullest.
“I believe that the challenge we face as a country, is that the traditional ministering that the churches have done so consistently over so many years, may not be enough. I believe that we need a revival in this country. We need people who are prepared to take that message, and to take it with a type of evangelical zeal .with a determination and a seriousness that enough, is enough and be prepared to draw a line,” the Prime Minister said.
He was addressing hundreds of participants at the Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Western Leadership Conference, held at the West Jamaica Conference Centre, in Montego Bay, St. James, on October 5.
The conference was held under the theme: ‘Building a Better Nation -Changing Lives, One Life at a Time’.
Mr. Golding argued that there is a new perspective of life that is destroying the minds of people, that has become internationalised, and invited all well thinking Jamaicans to “mount a fierce resistance against it.” He cited the phrase commonly being used, ‘everything is everything’, which suggests that the sense of right and wrong is misplaced.
Turning to the theme of leadership, the focus of the conference, the Prime Minister said that if leaders aspire to be good leaders, they should understand that leadership is not about popularity, but about trust, and one’s willingness to guide in love, integrity, and wisdom.
“In the leadership that I have to offer this country, I say to the people of Jamaica that there is a desert that we have to cross, because where we are right now is not where we want to be. We must seek to get to where prosperity will be shared, where there will be no more of this murdering and killing and maiming that are now taking place. I believe I know the way, and I am prepared to go in front and lead the way. That is the quality and the measure of the leadership that I offer this country,” Mr. Golding said.
“The message that must be conveyed is that if this revival what is necessary, then the leadership will have to be extraordinary leadership to say to people, ‘it’s time to make a change and to move forward under God to a better life and to a better future’,” he added.
President of the West Jamaica Conference, Pastor Glen O. Samuels, in his address to the participants, stressed that leadership is critical to the building of the nation.
“Jamaica as a nation, despite the many challenges, will rise because of the quality of the leadership offered by those called, under God, to build a better Jamaica,” he said.