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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says that the Government is awaiting the report of the Public Defender, on his investigations into the incursion into Tivoli Gardens on May 24 by the security forces.
The Prime Minister said that any unjustifiable action, resulting from the incursion, will be dealt with and those responsible held accountable.
“Any action that was taken in the course of the operations that were conducted in Tivoli Gardens that were contrary to law, that involves the unjustifiable taking of life, that involves the abuse of the rights of citizens without cause. is something for which those who are responsible will be held accountable,” Mr. Golding told the House of Representatives Tuesday as he sought support for a motion extending the current State of Emergency.
He said that the Public Defender is undertaking extensive investigations through his office in Tivoli Gardens, for which he has been provided with appropriate accommodation for himself and his investigators.
“I gave the Public Defender the assurance that he is fully authorised to employ as many additional investigators as he thought he required, to conduct the level of investigations that he thought appropriate,” he added.
In terms of independent pathologists to observe the autopsies on the bodies of the victims, he said that the Public Defender has also been assured that the Government will provide the necessary support for any number he needs.
He stated that the Public Defender has also been assured that any other skills or expertise that his office requires to carry out its job properly, the Government will provide the resources.
Mr. Golding also expressed appreciation to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Canadian Embassy and United States Agency for Aid and Development (USAID) for responding “very positively”, in assisting the Public Defender to identify overseas pathologists and make the arrangements for them to come to Jamaica to assist.

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