JIS News

Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has directed the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR), to carry out a detailed analysis of the costs and charges being imposed for electricity, supplied by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo).
He has also mandated the OUR, to put together a detailed analysis of the oil purchases done by Petrojam, specifically for the JPSco, covering the period January 2007 to the present.
This analysis is to take into consideration the processing cost incurred by Petrojam, before channelling it to the JPSCo, in order to determine whether fuel is being provided to the utility company at the best market price.
Mr. Golding gave the instructions this morning (Sept 15), during a meeting at Jamaica House, attended by the Ministers of Finance, Energy and Industry, Investment and Commerce, along with representatives of the OUR and the National Consumers League. The meeting was called in the wake of growing complaints and protests by consumers against reports of escalating electricity bills.
Mr. Golding said the analysis must be done, to ensure that consumers are not being overcharged and are not being called upon to pay for inefficiency.
The OUR is to complete the analysis and report to the Prime Minister within the next two weeks.