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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, says a new approach has been embarked on to ensure that potable water reaches as many communities as possible.
Speaking at the commissioning of a permanent electricity supply to the Parottee Replacement Well, in St. Elizabeth, Saturday (October 23), Mr. Golding said, once a need exists for piped water which can be responded to, Government will develop a system to provide the water, or source it from other communities.
“So, if you have people who need water, the first challenge that we have is where can it be found, can the water be taken from an adjoining area? If we can do it, we will take it. If there is no adjoining area, or the adjoining area doesn’t have enough water, we have to see where we can find additional water. So long as a solution can be found, we have brought that into the new approach,” the Prime Minister declared.
Appealing to residents to pay their bills, Mr. Golding stressed that when they meet these obligations, the National Water Commission (NWC) can develop other schemes.
“We have other districts waiting to get their well and their water. If you don’t pay for yours, they won’t be able to get any, because it is the money that you pay for yours that we now use to go to those other communities to run pipelines for them,” he said.
Full operation of the Parottee water system was contingent on the upgrade of the public power supply system. The upgrade work was completed at a cost of $11 million. Earlier in the year, the NWC installed a temporary power unit to operate the system.
The new water system will serve over 2,500 persons in communities such as Hopewell, Pondside, Hill Top, Stonefield, Cherry Gardens, Spice Grove, Thatchfield, Arlington, Fullerswood, Vineyard, Cataboo, Watchwell, Barbary Hall and Fort Charles.