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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding has been meeting with members of the Island Special Constabulary Force Association to discuss a number of key issues affecting that arm of the constabulary force.
One of the main issues raised was the provision of housing for members of the force. Mr. Golding said he wanted the Ministry of National Security and the National Housing Trust to hold dialogue on the percentage of NHT housing solutions that are set aside for the security forces, and in particular, to ensure that this allotment is proportionate between the regular members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and the ISCF.
Another concern that the association raised with Mr. Golding was the matter of pension death benefits not being disbursed in a timely manner. The Prime Minister pointed out that part of the problem was that there is uncertainty in many instances, as to who the beneficiaries are, and the number of such beneficiaries. He said beneficiaries should be properly identified beforehand, and the Ministry should hold discussions with the Administrator General to make provisions for cash flow to the family of the deceased, during the waiting period for benefits.
The group also stressed the need for dedicated training facilities for ISCF recruits, as currently, persons had to wait until it was convenient for them to be accommodated at Twickenham Park.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Gilbert Scott, assured that the current plans for the Twickenham Park academy, when realized, would provide adequate training facilities for the ISCF.

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