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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, currently on an official visit to Colombia, met with outgoing President Alvaro Uribe, and a group of Jamaicans residing there, on Saturday August 7, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has reported.
Mr. Golding discussed relations between the two countries and progress on bilateral agreements between Jamaica and Colombia, with President Uribe. He also thanked the Colombian President for his support in recent efforts to combat crime and violence in Jamaica, and briefed him on the achievements that have been made in the first two months.
Mr. Golding conveyed to President Uribe, the good wishes of the Government and people of Jamaica as he demits office.
Earlier, he met with a group of Jamaicans residing in Colombia. He commended them on their success and their valuable contribution to the Colombian economy and society. He also updated them on developments in Jamaica, especially in relation to crime and security and economic recovery.
Saturday afternoon, the Prime Minister attended the inauguration of Mr. Uribe’s successor, President Juan Manuel Santos. He will hold a bilateral meeting with President Santos on Sunday morning, before leaving Colombia.

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