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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has listed the current gaza/gully conflict among the negative influences destroying Jamaicans’ self-confidence.
“We as a society must unite around some basic principles, some agreement as to what is right and wrong, good and bad; what will uplift and what will destroy. The gully/gaza conflict is just one example of the negative influences that destabilise us as a people and destroy our confidence in ourselves,” the Prime Minister said.
Mr. Golding, who was speaking at the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) annual conference at the National Arena on Sunday, said that the problem of crime is not just a result of economic difficulties, but was also a product of social disorientation.
He assured Jamaicans, however, that the security forces are intensifying their operational strategies to combat crime and violence.
“The Government is providing all the support it can for the security forces, within the limits of the available resources,” he said.
He assured that the work to transform the police force, to root out corruption from within its ranks and to strengthen the dedicated policemen and policewomen who work hard and risk their lives for the public, will continue.
He said that efforts were also being made to build trust among the communities and the police, so that they can become vital partners in the fight against crime.

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