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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson left the island on June 9 for Doha, Qatar where he will Chair the Second South Summit of the G-77 and China between June 12 and 16th. The Summit will focus principally on issues of concern to developing countries in particular those relating to trade, globalisation, poverty, hunger and development.
In light of discussions on the reform of the United Nations, the Summit is also expected to adopt a position to proposals for the reform and strengthening of the UN.
En route to Qatar, Mr. Patterson will meet with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss bilateral issues, including support for Jamaica’s crime and security efforts as well as sugar. In his capacity as Chairman of the G-77 and China, Mr. Patterson will also use the occasion to discuss a range of issues relating to the international financial arrangements with Prime Minister Blair, who is the Chairman of the G-8.
Following the Doha Summit, Prime Minister Patterson will pay an official visit to Hong Kong and Beijing in China. The visit will seek to examine the expansion of trade and economic cooperation agreement between Jamaica and China in light of that country’s emergence as a dominant economic player.
Others areas to be explored include the Joint Jamaica/China Cooperation, finalization of the Air Services Agreement and forging trade and investment linkages in shipping, process food manufacturing and information and communications based industries.
The delegation will include representatives of the private sector.
Prime Minister Patterson returns to the island on June 26. During his absence the Hon. Dr. Peter Phillips, Minister of National Security, will be in charge of the Government.

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