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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding says the people of Treasure Beach, in St. Elizabeth, through their community consciousness, have made the area a major tourist destination.
“The growth of this community, the extent to which its name has gone abroad and has become such a unique attraction for visitors to Jamaica, is partly due to ownership that the people of Treasure Beach have taken, and how they protect it and make sure that it is not abused,” the Prime Minister said.
Mr. Golding was speaking at the opening of the BREDS Treasure Beach Sports Park, on September 11.
The Prime Minister said the Government would continue to support this endeavour, as that kind of community spirit should be growing and springing up in other communities of the island.
Mr. Golding said the facility that is geared towards sport tourism, “has tremendous potential for continued development of the area, bringing benefit to the community and providing new adventure for so many people to benefit.”
The Prime Minister, in lauding the BREDS Foundation, founded by businessman, Jason Henzell, said many times when investment enters an area, it dislocates the community and replaces what was there for the people’s enjoyment and sustenance of the community, but Mr. Henzell has ensured that the natural environment is developed for the residents.
“What has happened in Treasure Beach is truly phenomenal, because of his vision and leadership. His own investment in this community has been integrated into the community, and has enhanced the quality of life for the people of the area. It is an example of how investment and development can be made to be compatible with the natural lifestyle and natural way that people live,” Mr. Golding said.
The Prime Minister praised the efforts of the late Public Relations consultant, Desmond Henry, a resident of the area, who contributed much to the development of Treasure Beach as a tourist destination.
“He has blazed the trail, and everything that we do must be in honour of the contribution that he made,” he added.

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