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Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, has commended citizens who visited the Alexandria Community Hospital in St. Ann to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Prime Minister was addressing citizens during a vaccination mobilisation visit to the community hospital and the Redemption Faith Church vaccination centres in Calderwood, in the parish on Thursday (October 14).

“Thank you for coming out and taking the vaccine, I am looking at a very large response to the vaccination campaign as I survey the area. I must say that I am satisfied [with] the turn out,” Mr. Holness said.

“Despite the high levels of skepticism, fear, misinformation, propaganda, and deliberate miscommunication, people have seen through the maze and have decided that they are going to act in their best interest and in the interest of the country. For you who have done that, I consider you to be the heroes and I congratulate you and I thank you. I now ask you to become the ambassadors; you sat [down] and you have reasoned it out, you have thought about it, and you have said ‘cho, a foolishness dem a talk, I am going to do what is right’ and you have come and gotten your vaccine and you can be an example,” the Prime Minister said.

He urged the citizens to go back to their respective communities and encourage others to get vaccinated.

Mr. Holness also noted that the Alexandria area has a large concentration of persons who go on the farm work programme and highlighted that their taking of the vaccine is indicative of the fact that they have made the connection between their health status and their livelihood.

“There are many persons that are on the farm work programme, who would ordinarily have taken a perspective which many Jamaicans are taking, which is let me wait and see. There are many who are on the farm work programme who would normally buy into some of the garbage that is being placed in social media, because they too get it and they too read it, but because they have made the

connection between their economic livelihood and their health status, they have decided to come and get vaccinated,” Mr. Holness opined.

The Prime Minister also emphasised that the health status of the island, will determine its economic status.

Also accompanying Mr. Holness on his visit to the vaccination centres was Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Member of Parliament for Southwest St. Ann, Hon. Zavia Mayne.

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