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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding is urging all Jamaicans to give support to Caribbean Wellness Day 2009, which was officially launched yesterday (September 9), at Jamaica House.
The Day will be observed on Sunday, September 13 with a Health Festival in Half-Way Tree Square.
Speaking at the launch, the Prime Minister said: “If you cannot get to the festival, get an exercise group going and decide that you’re going to exercise three days per week. Do it in your yard, but do it at the front so that other people can see you doing it and become excited about this new thing taking over the country.”
He mentioned that this kind of programme should not be one day of activities but should be consistent, so that each year Jamaicans can measure and be encouraged by the increased receptivity that will be achieved.

Drummers from the Kingston High School perform a piece during the Caribbean Wellness Day launch at Jamaica House on September 9. Promoted by the Ministry of Health and its agencies, the event is recognised throughout the Caribbean and seeks to encourage healthier lifestyles as a way to reduce the dramatic increase in preventable diseases in the region. The theme for the day is ‘Love Your Body, Treat Your Body Right.’ Caribbean wellness day will be observed on Sunday, September 13.

“We need to get to a stage where a new culture takes charge, where healthy lifestyles, healthy living, exercising right, sleeping well and doing the right things, become not just a part of a campaign, but what makes us socially approved and endorsed. It must become the kind of thing that people admire. That’s where we need to get to. It is not going to happen overnight; it is a process and it is going to require time and persistence,” Mr. Golding said.
The Prime Minister also urged persons with influence to be role models who will evangelise the new effort of being a healthy people because, he said, one way of being happy and prosperous is to be healthy.
Caribbean Wellness Day, which is being promoted by the Ministry of Health, is aimed at encouraging healthy living by encouraging the population to practise healthy habits. Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean will observe the day focussing on the benefits of physical activity under the theme: ‘Love Your Body: Treat Your Body Right’.

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