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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, will be spending Sunday (March 8) with Lady Bustamante , widow of the late former Prime Minister of Jamaica and National Hero, Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, as she celebrates her 97th birthday.
Sunday March 8 will be of special significance for ‘Lady B’ as she is affectionately called, as it will also be celebrated as ‘International Women’s Day’. International Women’s Day is observed worldwide as a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. In her earlier years, ‘Lady B’ played a significant role in defending equal rights for women, , as exemplified in her steadfast stance for port workers in 1938, working alongside Sir Alexander Bustamante, trade unionist and Jamaica’s first Prime Minister of Independent Jamaica.
“While we celebrate with ‘Lady B’ that special day come Sunday (March 8) , we will remember the role she played , in overcoming so many of the obstacles that our women faced at that time. The strength and resilience of the Jamaican woman are epitomised in women such as ‘Lady B’. On Sunday we will be spending some quality time with this outstanding Jamaican woman, who dedicated many, many years to the struggles which impacted the lives of the Jamaican woman. We look forward to showing how much we appreciate her contribution as she celebrates her 97th year..many of those years lived in the service to others”, Mr. Golding said.

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