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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the church is the most powerful social institution but that power has largely been immobilized because churches have never found a way to come together.

“There is no institution other than the church that can speak with the kind of prophetic authority because your (church) authority is not founded in any Constitution” PM Golding said. He was speaking to new Officers and Directors from the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists during a courtesy call at Jamaica House yesterday February 22nd.

President of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Everett Brown commended the Prime Minister on the initiatives that his administration has taken to encourage family values and pledged the Union Conference's support of the Government’s plans.

The Prime Minister told the new officers and directors that he hopes to have put in place new regulations that will stipulate that a father’s name is placed on the birth certificate of a baby at registration.  

Mr. Golding and the Jamaica Union Conference members expressed concerns about the degradation of values in society.

“We cannot eliminate over a short period of time the problems that have been institutionalized but we are working on tough legislation and we are going to need the support of the church" Mr. Golding added.


Issued by: The Office of the Prime Minister