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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says Caricom has reiterated its position in support of the re-entry of Cuba into all hemispheric engagements and the removal of the embargo imposed by the USA. At the same time, Mr. Golding said that arising out of the caucus meeting of the Caricom heads this morning, at the 5th Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, the region is not taking a confrontational approach.
‘I want to urge other leaders in the hemisphere…let the good not be the enemy of the best. We have made more progress in the last 90 days than has been made in the last 50 years in terms of trying to return to a normal relationship between the United States and Cuba. It is a process.It is not something that is going to happen by some act of Congress, or some executive order, or some resolution that we may think we can pass at the Summit’, Mr. Golding said.
Speaking to reporters following this morning’s caucus of Caricom heads, Mr. Golding said what will make it happen is the will of the leadership of both countries-their willingness to sit down and talk and their willingness to be informed in their approach-not by the history of the past but by the promise of the future.
Mr. Golding said he is encouraged by the new approach that is being taken by the United States and the stance taken by Cuba’s President Raul Castro. Mr. Golding said that based on his meetings with the Cuban President, he is aware that President Castro is also committed to a dialogue that will see the matter placed behind us. He said this process needs to be encouraged…not to be rushed or challenged.
Mr. Golding said the US embargo existed for 50 years and if there is an effort being made to bring it to a point where it can be resolved, this effort should not be torpedoed or undermined.
The Heads are now preparing for the official opening ceremony of the Summit to be followed by a meeting with US President Barack Obama who arrived in Trinidad this afternoon for the Summit. President Obama’s meeting with regional heads is expected to give him an opportunity to outline his administration’s policy towards the region.

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