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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has said he expects that issues raised by the PNP Youth Organisation in a letter sent to him today (April 27), will be raised by the opposition in Parliament and that the Government will address them during the current Budget Debate.
The letter under the signature of the President of the PNP Youth Organisation Damion Crawford, expressed concern about the policy directions of the Government, chief among which is the recently announced tax package. The PNP YO expressed its concern over the gas tax, the transfer tax and stamp duty, the increase in the income tax threshold and the GCT rates to be imposed on some goods. The organisation has also put forward its own proposals as to how it believes the Government could address these issues.
In his response, Prime Minister Golding noted that the Estimates of Expenditures and the revenue measures to support them are the subject of the current Budget Debate.
“I expect that the concerns you have raised and the proposals you have put forward will be included in the presentations to be made by participating members of the Opposition to which the Government will respond appropriately” Mr. Golding said in his letter to the organisation.

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