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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has lauded the workers at the Jamalco alumina plant in Clarendon for their contribution to keeping the operations going.
“The workers made an enormous contribution to that effort, and must share in the success and recognition that must be given,” Mr. Golding told a workforce recognition function on Friday (August 28) at the refinery at Halse Hall.
“The workers that I have met, at different levels and departments … I was impressed at how focussed they were, how motivated they were and how purpose driven they were,” he said.
“Everyone seems to have a clear vision as to what the company is to achieve, and they knew the contribution that they have to make to that achievement. That is management, that is organisation, that is team work at its best,” Mr. Golding stated.
“I want to commend the workers, at various levels, for the job that you have done, to the point where not only is Jamalco still operating, but the company is breaking records. You are achieving levels of performance that even in less stressful times you did not achieve,” he assured.
The Prime Minister said the company had faced challenges before, and that the workers and management dedicated themselves to pull it through.
“You have demonstrated that you are among the fittest, and that is why you have survived. The investment in capacity, in human resources, to make sure that our workers continue to be the best, that has to continue,” he emphasised.

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