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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has introduced a Bill in Parliament which proposes to limit the length of time a person can serve as Prime Minister. The Bill states that a person who has already served for nine years as Prime Minister cannot again serve as Prime Minister; if however, a sitting Prime Minister has already served for nine years, that person does not need to leave the job before a General Election is called. Speaking in Gordon House on December 7, Mr Golding said,
“The bill, as drafted, makes provision that if you have served for nine years and you are still in office, you continue to serve. That is not a matter that once you have reached nine years you become no longer eligible and therefore you must demit office. But what it means is that at the expiration of that term and the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of new elections, you could not be appointed again, because you would already have served for a period in excess of nine years.”
Mr. Golding also assured Parliament that a special provision for emergencies will give a government flexibility to hold a General Election up to three months after Parliament is dissolved. The Bill, when passed, will be an amendment to the Constitution, but as it is not entrenched, it does not require a 2/3 majority of Parliament or a referendum.

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