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Prime Minister Bruce Golding in addressing Heads of Government at the Intercessional Meeting of CARICOM today (Feb 25) in Grenada highlighted several issues that he hopes will be addressed by CARICOM.

High on the list he said was the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the significant tariff liberalization commitments on which we are now required to make good and the benefits it promises but which have yet to materialize is one of the issues. Other trade negotiations in which CARICOM is engaged, most notably with Canada and its implications for CARICOM states will also be pursued,” PM Golding said.

He said among other issues are “the failure of the Conference of Parties on the Framework Convention on Climate Change to arrive at binding agreements that will ensure the survival of small states like those of ours, food prices once again on the rise, as too oil prices and the aggravated uncertainty arising from the current popular uprisings in the Middle East."

Mr. Golding who is the immediate past Chairman of CARICOM said regional security is an additional concern as the exposure to transnational criminal organizations and the increase in violent crime emerging in many of the member states and also the resource constraints prevent the CARICOM states from delivering an appropriate response.

“The Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), how it is working and where it is not working as it is supposed to work is another issue that we will have to confront."

Prime Minister Golding noted that other issues that were assumed have not been disposed of and will continue to require the attention of CARICOM Heads and in particular, the new Chairman of CARICOM, Prime Minister of Grenada, Tillman Thomas.


Issued by: The Office of the Prime Minister