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Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding has called for an investigation into the dismissal of Mr. Michael Bennett, the caretaker for Independence Park which is controlled by the St Elizabeth parish Council.
In a statement issued yesterday evening (Nov 17) Prime Minister Golding said he had requested the Director General in the Local Government Division of the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Devon Rowe, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of Mr. Michael Bennett from the St. Elizabeth Parish Council. The Prime Minister has requested that this investigation be carried out and a report be submitted to him within the next seven days.
The St Elizabeth Parish Council’s Establishment Committee is reported to have voted to dismiss Mr. Bennett on the grounds that he had prior knowledge of Mr. Golding’s arrival at a function in St Elizabeth last Friday, but had failed to unlock the gate to the park when the Prime Minister arrived by helicopter .
Mr. Golding confirmed that Police personnel who were awaiting his arrival at Independence Park in Black River last Friday evening were forced to break the lock which had been placed on the gate to the Park.
The Prime Minister said that despite the inconvenience that he suffered, it was important that due process be observed. The report is to be submitted to Prime Minister Golding within the next 7 days.

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