• JIS News

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding, has commended the efforts of organisations and individuals involved in disaster and emergency relief activities, executed during and in the aftermath of the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav.
    Speaking at a media briefing at Jamaica House on August 29, during which he updated journalists on the effects of the storm on the island, the Prime Minister said the participants, both official and unofficial, performed beyond the call of duty to assist, as best as possible, in, alleviating the dislocation experienced by many persons.
    “I want to express appreciation to the relief agencies, which have, again, performed with such distinction. I want to commend the staff of Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), for the work that they did.. many of them working through the night (of the storm’s passage). I was there, at daybreak this (Friday) morning, and I could see that it was taking a toll on some of them, and yet they were so assiduous in the work that they did.
    “(Thanks to) the Meteorological Service and their staff, the Security Forces, our disaster relief coordinators in the various parishes, who were at their locations manning their shelters and putting arrangements in place. And I want to express thanks to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, (and) Food for the Poor, (for) working in collaboration with the ODPEM,” Mr. Golding said, in ensuring supplies got to where they were needed.
    The Prime Minister, also expressed gratitude to the citizens, who the said also played their part in the effort.
    “Thanks (to) those ordinary Jamaicans, who were not asked to do anything, but who came forward, and helped to rescue people, helped to move people to shelters, I want to thank them all. There are some good things happening in Jamaica, and I saw a clear sign of that. The Jamaican spirit which, sometimes, gets hidden behind dark clouds, is again shining; the goodness of Jamaica doesn’t struggle to shine. When we make up our minds, it shines, and there is no cloud that can conceal it,” Mr. Golding stated.