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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has commended churches that continue to make downtown Kingston their home and from which they serve as an oasis of light and hope for those in despair. He was speaking on Sunday (27) at a civic ceremony hosted by the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation at the Scott’s Kirk United Church to recognize 18 churches in the city of Kingston.
Mr. Golding said the government had renewed its efforts to restore vibrancy to downtown and that the church must be factored into whatever is being planned. He said a comprehensive redevelopment plan was being developed and that the government was committed to the process.
In the meantime, guest speaker Rev. Oliver Daley said the standards, values, principles and ideals of the City of Kingston have been tested in different ways mainly because of the practice of putting personal gains before service to others. He said that against this background, like the Apostle Paul, the Church should pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and strength.
Eighteen churches of various denominations were recognized by the KSAC for their contribution to the City of Kingston in the field of Religion and Community Service.