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Prime Minister, the Hon Bruce Golding has expressed the hope that the two-day National Planning Summit now underway at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Rose Hall, Montego Bay, will come up with deliverable and timely solutions that will mark the turning point to assist the country in addressing many of the challenges it now faces.
In his opening address to the summit this morning (Nov 3,) the Prime Minister said he detected a mood of expectancy and a sense of hope that those in attendance were on the threshold of something exciting. But he said he also detected a kind of cynicism that “we have been down this road before with private sector and government meeting, discussing the issues but failing to come up with real and deliverable solutions”.
The Prime Minister said that over the next two days, there was no danger of the participants not being able to agree on objectives but the real challenges would be the specifics that need to be addressed in getting across the bridge to implement the necessary changes. “We have agreed so many times in the past on the issues but we have to determine that if we have to cross that bridge.we need more than consensus, more than agreement of getting on the other side..we need a consensus of -more-how we are going to get across that bridge. There are challenges and weaknesses…we have to determine the steps to take to land us on the other side”, the Prime Minister said.
Mr. Golding said the structure of the summit had been designed to facilitate the discussions and to facilitate the kind of results needed if the parties involved are to find solutions. He said the summit was set up to not just end up with speeches and thoughts but to ensure interaction and exchanges that will get us to the heart of the matter. The break out sessions, which will take place throughout today’s proceedings he said, would allow for this. Mr. Golding expressed appreciation to the facilitators of the summit, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the PSOJ, which were working very hard to ensure that participants’ time was wisely spent.
Mr. Golding repeated his vision for a Jamaica where everyone may not be rich but no one needs to be poor. He said he believed that this vision could be achieved by addressing the issues of job creation, investment, and a reduction in crime and violence. He said his government is committed to putting in place a slate for the way forward because no growth will be successful unless it takes place within a framework of faith and confidence in the systems of governance.
This morning’s session also heard a presentation from the head of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica , Mr. Chris Zacca. The two day summit is being attended by some one-hundred participants drawn from the private and public sectors, the diplomatic corps and non-government organisations. The theme of the summit is ‘Jamaica Tomorrow’.