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Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on (July 14) broke ground for the construction of the Mount Rosser Bypass as part of the 67 kilometre Road Development Project between Spanish Town and Ocho Rios. Construction of the bypass is estimated to cost J$7 Billion and should be completed by December 2009.
Addressing the ground breaking ceremony in St. Ann on Saturday, Mrs. Simpson Miller spoke of the significant benefits that would accrue to the economy, as well as commuters who experience inconvenience along the existing roadway. She said given the level of investment in the tourism industry and the new jobs and business opportunities that are being created, now is the time to move full speed ahead with the project.
Mrs. Simpson Miller said the millions of working hours lost, delayed funerals and weddings, missed flights and job opportunities due to lengthy delays along Mt. Rosser would soon be a thing of the past.
“Of all the infrastructure projects that have been undertake by this Administration, and there are many, the Mt. Rosser Bypass represents the clearest evidence that we are leaving the past behind,” she asserted.
The Prime Minister said communication was one of the means of achieving life-changing development and that this is demonstrated not only in the transformation of the telecommunications sector, but also in the development of road network. She said research has shown that highway development often results in higher GDP growth.
“The development of the Highway 200 Project of which the Mt. Rosser Bypass is a part, is about the development of the country,” Mrs. Simpson Miller said.
Some of the benefits which she highlighted include the generation of economic activity along the highway corridor and direct linkages with major economic centres, cities and towns.
Mrs. Simpson Miller said that upon completion, the Highway 2000 project will contribute in excess of J$26 Billion in the medium-term to GDP and over 50,000 jobs. She said measures would be implemented to ensure that small business operators including the vendors at Faith’s Pen would not be left out.
The bypass will consist of a four-lane dual carriageway starting at the Bog Walk/Linstead Bypass. The tolled roadway will bypass Ewarton, the hills of Mt. Rosser and Mt. Diablo, exiting at Claremont. Bouygues Travaux Publics are the developers and they will operate through the National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROOC) representing the government.

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