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Commissioner of Police, Lucius Thomas has said that plans are well advanced to merge the Canine and Narcotics Divisions of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
Speaking at a press conference in Kingston last week, the Commissioner stressed that the merger was necessary to create greater efficiency and to better police the country’s international airports and seaports.
“We are aware of the lucrative guns for drugs trade that has developed between Jamaica, Haiti and certain countries in Central America. The Police High Command is of the view that any reversal of this situation is contingent on coastal assets and sustained inshore and offshore patrols, driven by intelligence and support from overseas partners,” the Commissioner said.
Mr. Thomas pointed out that this year, the ganja eradication programmes would be stepped up, as well as the participation and collaboration with the country’s international law enforcement partners, in drug-trafficking counter measures.
Additionally, he pointed out that there was an urgent need to increase the flow of intelligence to the JCF with timely and accurate information.
On the issue of financial crimes, frauds and scams, the Commissioner said he has requested that the Organized Crime and Investigative Division (OCID) be strengthened to not only support the impending Proceeds of Crime Legislation but also to investigate financial crimes.
The division would also continue its work with the Financial Investigative Unit (FIU) of the Ministry of Finance, he noted.

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