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Plans are on target for the establishment of Government’s National Identification System, which is expected to provide a comprehensive and secure structure to capture and store personal identity information on individuals who live or work in Jamaica.
The system is expected to become the primary source of identity assurance which will provide ways to improve the governance and management in the delivery of security, social and economic programmes.
Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has been holding a series of meetings with the heads of various Government Ministries and agencies including the Ministries of National Security, Health, Labour, Social Security, the Planning Institute of Jamaica, and the Registrar General’s Department. The Ministries and agencies are currently undertaking the research and analysis for the implementation of the programme.
At a meeting held at Jamaica House on Friday (Oct 31), the Prime Minister, was brought up to date with the progress being made for the implementation of the project. Following reports made by the heads of the various agencies, Mr. Golding said he was encouraged with what he had seen so far and will be making a progress report to Cabinet this week.
The National Identification System, will be rolled out in a number of phases starting in year 2010. The areas which are being given priority attention under the first phase of the programme will include crime management, border control, health care delivery, education, social security, civil registry management, drivers’ licenses, revenue collection, and money laundering.

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