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Plans are advanced for this year’s annual Montpelier Agricultural and Industrial show, which is scheduled to be held at the show grounds in Montpelier, St. James on Easter Monday, (March 24).
The show, expected to attract in excess of 10,000 patrons, will boast exciting and educational displays in agricultural produce, horticulture, fruit trees, livestock – including the best in cattle, small ruminants, birds, home economics and art and crafts, in addition to manufacturing, and auto shows.
There will also be the best of Jamaica’s culture in song, dance and the arts on display throughout the day, as well as other live entertainment and the signature stage show featuring the country’s most accomplished reggae and dancehall artistes.
Speaking with JIS News recently, show organizer and President of the St. James Association of Branch Societies, Glendon Harris, said that the focus of the event this year will be to motivate and attract more youths into agricultural occupations.
“We need to chart a new course and entice young, bright and entrepreneurial people into agriculture. At this year’s show, we will be having the branch competitions moving to another level … with the Scotia Bank Branch Competition. Funds will be given to all the branches to mobilize their respective displays and to ensure that these displays surpass those of last year. This is expected to be a major feature,” Mr. Harris said.
“We are cognizant of the quantity of mutton in particular that we import each year and we will be showing off sheep and goat that are produced locally with a view to educating and enticing entrepreneurs to go into animal production. We are working hard to have a good display of cattle, even though it is very difficult since the cattle population has decreased significantly,” he added.
He stressed that steps were being taken to ensure that the event does not lose its “flavour”, and therefore, the full display of agricultural produce, fruits, vegetables, livestock, plants, birds and other animals will be on display. Sections of the grounds are being paved to ensure that patrons remain comfortable, in the event of rain.

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