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The Ministry of Local Government and Environment’s Parish Infrastructure Project (PIP), has been allotted an additional $60 million to further its activities over the new financial year.
This money is set aside in the 2006/07 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.
The sum will be expended to facilitate the completion of at least six priority laws for enactment and substantially complete an additional five laws, continue efforts to install Geographic Information System (GIS) applications in all local authorities and statutory entities of the Ministry. In addition, plans are to review the Management Information Systems in the local authorities and also renew efforts to arrive at an agreement with the Social Development Commission in order to ensure the sustainability of the Parish Development Committees, among other things.
Up to March 2006 several strides had been made under the programme, with some 685 parcels of land being revalued by the National Land Agency (NLA). On the legislative side, 28 priority laws were identified for amendment, six of which were revised, including the Pound Act, the Keeping of Animals Act, the Municipalities Act (Portmore), the National Solid Waste Management Act (regulations), the KSAC Regulations (Sale of Goods in Public Places) and the Public Health (Barbers and Hairdressers) regulations.
On the infrastructural side, approximately 190 kilometres of parochial roads were rehabilitated in all parishes. The rehabilitation of the Brown’s Town Market was completed, while refurbishing work was completed on the parish council buildings for the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, St. James and Manchester.
The PIP is funded by the Government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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