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Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), Dr. Gladstone Hutchinson has added his voice for an efficient, high quality public sector for good governance, and economic advancement.
Speaking at the 17th annual public lecture, hosted by the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) at its old Hope Road campus, on August 19, he
asserted that a public sector that grows faster than the national economy and the private sector “threatens our ambitions and robs us of the ability to modernise and grow our economy.”
Dr. Hutchinson said such a public sector leaves the country more vulnerable to the vagaries of globalisation, macro-economic instability and unable to counter strategic policymaking by competitor countries.
“I am tired of hearing discussion about what (other countries) are doing…we are unable to respond because our public sector has robbed us of it, by its expansiveness,” he said.
Dr. Hutchinson argued that a high quality public sector is a very important starting point in trying to transform the country’s ability to achieve its ideals.
“A public sector of this nature will be able to successfully produce the public policy goals of the government, including its equity goals.with the lowest possible demands on scarce societal resources, and with the lowest possible tax burden,” he pointed out.
Dr. Hutchinson described the public sector as a public good, as its benefits are enjoyed by every member of society, individually and collectively.
“It is a necessity if the country is to successfully pursue a transformational plan as ambitious as Vision 2030 Jamaica. The efficient public sector is going to give us an opportunity to use our resources effectively, and give us expanded freedoms, and create the Jamaica that we want to be a part of,” he said.