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Minister of Energy and Mining, James Robertson, has disclosed that plans are in the making for the expansion and development of the Reynold’s Pier, in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.
Mr. Robertson made the disclosure on June 17, following a tour of the cruise shipping facility and a meeting with representatives of the Port Authority of Jamaica, Carnival Cruise Lines and other key government stakeholders.
“The Mining interest, the Tourism interest, Carnival Corporation and the Jamaican Government will work together for the development of the pier,” the Minister said, noting that results of the development plans should ensure future benefits to Ocho Rios, the parish of St. Ann and Jamaica at large.
He pointed out that the development plans had given rise to three tabled options and that the Port Authority of Jamaica had indicated that engineers would be put to work as early as Monday, June 21, to look at those options and see which of the three could work best.
The engineers would also seek to look at the interim work that would have to be carried out, so as to ensure that the town of Ocho Rios is protected.
“We have three options and the first option speaks to whether or not you will hit down a building, the second is whether you extend the pier and the third option is whether you develop a finger pier, using the existing pier out at sea. The environmentalists will have to become involved. I can’t speak specifically, but the three options are opened to us and in the interim, improvements are on the table,” the Minister said.
Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for North East St. Ann, Shahine Robinson, said that the development and expansion plans for the Reynold’s Pier should be welcomed by all.
She said that there are certain issues, such as the outside infrastructure, that would have to be taken into consideration when the work begins, adding that the development would impact positively on the town of Ocho Rios and its environs, as well as on the economy.
“While they are doing the expansion of the pier, jobs will be available at all levels and with the birthing of more ships, we can expect that more persons will be hired and new business places will open,” she said, and pledged her support for the project.

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