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A high-level delegation, comprising of 30 businessmen from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States, will visit Jamaica within the next four months, to explore prospects for business opportunities.
The delegation is expected to pursue possibilities and engage stakeholders in the areas of agriculture, tourism, real estate, export mining, and alternative energy.
The proposed visit arises out of an investment seminar, entitled: ‘Our Global Market: A Return on Investment’, organised by the Jamaica Trade Council of Greater Philadelphia (JTCGP), at the Pyramid Club in that city, on October 23.
Addressing the seminar, Philadelphia’s Mayor, Michael Nutter, noted the trading relationship which the city has with Jamaica, which, he points out, “dates back to the eighteenth century”, adding that “there’s no reason why we cannot strengthen this relationship, so that both Philadelphia and Jamaica benefit”.
The Mayor disclosed that just over US$70 million worth of goods were imported from Jamaica in 2007, representing a 39 per cent increase over 2006. Goods and products imported, he advised, include: beverages, spirits, vegetables, fruits and nuts.
In his remarks, Jamaica’s Honorary Counsel to Philadelphia, Dr. Alston Mead, informed the over 70 businessmen attending the seminar, of the wide range of business opportunities available in Jamaica, adding that the Government is doing everything to facilitate investments by overseas interests.
President of the JTCGP, Dr. Harold Mignott, said the seminar aimed to establish a clear, substantial path for facilitating new investment opportunities between Jamaica and Philadelphia.
“I’m excited that the delegation will be visiting Jamaica within the next four months, and there is no doubt that Jamaica will benefit from this visit,” he stated.

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