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Scores of volunteers turned out at the St. Andrew Primary School in Kingston on Monday (May 23) to take part in Labour Day activities at the institution.

The work was spearheaded by Petrojam Limited, Jamaica’s only petroleum refinery.

The activities included painting, planting of trees and flowers, and general landscaping to create a greener more aesthetically pleasing environment for staff and students.

Speaking in an interview with JIS News, Board Chairman at Petrojam, Wayne Chen, said the entity has been associated with the school for over a decade.

“We believe in primary education as one of the basic building blocks of the country, and this is a project that we can twin with and make a substantial difference,” Mr. Chen said.

He said he was pleased with the support from Petrojam staff and members of the St. Andrew Primary School community.

“We are quite pleased with the turnout and we are quite pleased with the school generally. Certainly, we will [continue] working with St. Andrew Primary School,” Mr. Chen stated.

For her part, Acting Principal of the school, Colleen Gordon said she was excited about the work that is being done to enhance the environment at the school.

“God has been good to us. It is our dream, and it is coming true. Petrojam has sponsored us today and they have done a wonderful job. We could not ask for anything more. What we have done today is make flower beds and we are putting in plants and we are also painting around the school,” Ms. Gordon said.

Labour Day was observed under the theme ‘Re-igniting a Nation for Greatness – Protect our Heritage and Environment’, with the slogan ‘Mek Jamaica Cris an Clean’.

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