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    State Minister for Energy and Mining Hon. Laurence Broderick has said that Petrojam is making the necessary infrastructural adjustments to its refinery, to improve the production and delivery of E-10, to satisfy growing demand.
    Mr. Broderick, who was addressing the annual business meeting of Chevron Caribbean SRL held recently at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios, St. Ann said that four ethanol skids will be installed, one per loading bay, to facilitate the blending of E-10 in both 87 and 90 octanes.
    The process, he said, will be carried out in two phases, with phase one “to constitute the blending of E-10 87 on the four existing regular 87 loading arms, while supplying regular 87 on the two loading arms that are now being used for E-10 87. This will result in more loading capacity for E-10 87, which is in greater demand than regular 87.” This phase, he said, will be completed by mid-June.
    As it relates to phase two, this will entail the loading of E-10 87 and E-10 90 on all four loading bays, in tandem with the completion of modifications at the Montego Bay Loading Terminal, in St. James which is estimated to be completed in October.
    Mr. Broderick expressed confidence that work being undertaken will facilitate the full rollout of E-10 87 and E-10 90 in both Kingston and Montego Bay.

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