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Petrojam yesterday (June 13, 2009) began offloading crude oil from the oil tanker M/T Great News, which on June 1 collided into the refinery’s docking facility, causing severe damage to the loading dock and several pipelines.
The disclosure was made by Minister of Energy and Mining Hon. James Robertson, who toured the facility on Saturday with Petrojam’s General Manager Winston Watson.
“We have good news for the people of Jamaica and the energy sector. The ‘Great News’ has been docked and operations have begun to offload the crude oil from this vessel which contains the equivalent of 350, 000 barrels of crude,” the Minister informed.
“It has taken a tremendous amount of work inclusive of the procurement of two sets of pipelines and divers working in very difficult conditions to get us to this point and so we say thank you to all the stakeholders that have played their part,” he added.
The Minister, however, cautioned that it would take a few months before Petrojam resumed normal operations.
“The work is not over.There is a lot more that has to be done to give us a sustainable operation in terms of the offloading and loading of petroleum products. I believe that we have another six months and possibly even more,” he pointed out.
Continuing, Minister Robertson revealed that at the just concluded 6th PetroCaribe Summit in St. Kitts “we were able to meet with our partners, the Venezuelans and after discussions with them, they understand the level of damage that has taken place and they will be sending a team to offer us support over the next year.”

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