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Medical Officer of Health for Westmoreland, Dr. Marcia Graham, says persons experiencing respiratory symptoms must call the Ministry of Health and Wellness Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), so they can be tested for COVID-19 expeditiously.

Dr. Graham, who was addressing the monthly meeting of the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation in Savanna-la-Mar on October 8, said that persons must remain vigilant, and contact the EOC at (876) 954-0578 or (876) 954-0698 if they or loved ones are experiencing respiratory symptoms.

“It is very important, with the phase of community transmission, that we understand that anybody that has any respiratory symptoms – cough, colds, [should] not wait until they have a fever. There [are] also some other symptoms that may not even be considered respiratory symptoms, but may be a symptom of COVID-19,” Dr. Graham said.

“If you are losing your taste, if you are losing your sense of smell, you will need to call the EOC and let us know, so we can arrange to have you tested [and] we can give you a home isolation order, because once you have any symptoms you are suspected of [having COVID-19], until proven otherwise,” she added.

Dr. Graham noted that when the EOC is contacted, and when persons are tested, they are expected to maintain home isolation for 14 days until the results of the test confirm whether they have COVID-19.

She implored citizens in the parish to take their health seriously and help the Ministry of Health and Wellness to limit the impact of the virus.

“Try to do the best you can to keep your space a safe one, whether that is at home or in the workplace…. . [Also] in every space we are going, even church, masks must be worn, temperature checks [must be done], hand sanitising, physical distancing, these are [the protocols] we have and if each of us does that consistently, we could help to make COVID-19 cases trend downward in Westmoreland and in the number of [COVID -19] deaths,” she said.

Dr. Graham informed that suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases were found in the Westmoreland communities of Seaford Town, Grange Hill, Petersfield, Strathbogie, Savanna-la-Mar, Beeston Spring, Little London, Whitehouse, George’s Plain, Cornwall Mountain, Bluefields and Darliston.

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