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Mayor of Kingston, Senator Angela Brown Burke, has again called on persons to seek approval from the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), before erecting signs in the Municipality.

“We are appealing to all persons to just check (with us) before you erect a sign and make sure that you get the requisite approval. Our compliance team will be hitting the road shortly, and I would not want you to get caught with your signs up without the requisite approval,” she said.

The Mayor noted that internal changes have been made within the Corporation to make the process of approval more straightforward and less time-consuming.

“(The mounting of) these signs require permission, and we have to be mindful of the overcrowding and the aesthetics of the city when these signs are erected,” the Mayor said, while addressing the KSAC’smonthly meeting at the Council’s Church Street offices in Kingston on Tuesday, February 12.

Mrs. Brown Burke lamented that despite a seminar held with stakeholders last year to discuss issues relating to this matter, “we still do not believe that we have gotten the level of co-operation from individuals in the industry.”

“So, I’m bringing it to our attention once again that before signs and billboards are erected, permission is required from the KSAC. These signs include billboards, video boards, banners, shop and business signs, hanging signs, signs painted on walls of buildings and murals,” she informed the Council members.