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Jamaica Constabulary Force, Sub Officer in Charge of the Anti-TIP (Vice Squad), Detective Inspector Kemisha Gordon.
Photo: Yhomo Hutchinson

Jamaica Constabulary Force, Sub Officer in Charge of the Anti-TIP (Vice Squad), Detective Inspector Kemisha Gordon, is appealing to citizens to exercise diligence when pursuing certain advertised job offers.

She told JIS News that the unit is aware of persons being victims of human trafficking locally as a result of dubious job opportunities taken up.

“We want to implore persons to follow our ABCs – accept nothing, believe nothing, and check everything; and if you are still uncertain, double-check. A lot of what is advertised within these job offerings is questionable, and if you look a little deeper, you will see that there is something wrong with these offers. So be diligent and verify,” she said.

Inspector Gordon shared the profile of advertised jobs that have proven to be most problematic.

“The ones that are of concern, primarily, are those that offer masseuse job opportunities at a location that is not disclosed or instructs [persons] to call a number and then meet at a suspicious location. The wording is usually ‘looking for persons who are attractive and open-minded’; those are the ones, primarily, that are worrisome,” she informed.

Inspector Gordon urged Jamaicans to be cautious and aware about their security when pursuing these advertised opportunities.

“If you are looking for a job, scrutinise every requirement in the job offers that you see; those that require you to be open-minded and attractive are the types of requirements that jump out to our unit,” she added.

Inspector Gordon said the unit has embarked on several initiatives, including discussions with critical stakeholders, to combat human trafficking via questionable job offers.

“We are hoping that we can get buy-in from the media, specifically print media, for screening of the advertisements that are placed within their newspapers, as that is an important place to start. There are other activities that the police have embarked on, and we are hoping to see some results soon,” she indicated.

Persons who suspect incidents of human trafficking and/or are victims, can call the police within their area to make a report.

They can also send an email to tip.ocid@jcf.gov.jm, call the Ministry of National Security at 876-906-4908, or speak to child counsellors at the Child Protection and Family Services Agency.

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