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Persons in Western Jamaica who suffer from cardiovascular and other chronic and life threatening illnesses will soon be able to purchase medication at more affordable costs. With the leading cause of death in the island linked to cardiovascular diseases, Indies Pharma Jamaica, on Thursday (July 27) unveiled a number of drugs geared at combating the effects of the disease and which are expected to revolutionize current prices. The pharmaceutical company headed by noted physician Dr. Guna Muppuri, launched the initiative at the Montego Bay Trade Centre on Howard Cooke Boulevard during a press conference under the theme ‘Caring for the nation’s health: pledging to make medicine available and affordable’. Some 19 new drugs to be made available to persons at 50 per cent of the usual cost were presented at the event. President of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pauline Reid in commending Indies Pharma pointed out that the initiative was very timely, as the health sector needed assistance to effectively address the general health demands of the country’s growing population. “I am excited and feel very confident that this is just the start of big and greater things for the company. I am very glad to see that Indies Pharma is offering affordable prescription drugs to our people and in so doing, will be helping to provide a better standard of life for the less fortunate in our society,” she said.
Ms Reid added that, “You saw a need in the market and you have transformed that need into a business venture that is helping the economy, in that you are curtailing the unemployment and contributing to the local and national economy . I want to assure you that the Chamber of Commerce stands ready to assist and support you in any way possible with your efforts”.
Meanwhile, in her address, Dr. Sonia Dixon of Montego Bay, noted that the diversity of the pharmaceuticals was “very welcomed” as patient welfare was critical in the practice of medicine.
“The diversity of the products you offer does really enhance the quality of life for our patients . It’s very important that the focus be on drugs, that, together with life style changes that comes integrally with caring for the patient, we have drugs that will ensure that our patients remain well,” Dr. Dixon stressed.
She further expressed the hope that the company would “be around offering such needed and essential service for a very long time.”

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