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Small business operators and self employed persons in St. Ann are being encouraged to access free professional assistance being provided by the Tax Administration Directorate, and make their returns to meet the deadline of Wednesday, March 15.
To this end, the Directorate hosted a tax forum at the Almond Tree Restaurant in Ocho Rios on Monday, March 13.
“After the deadline, persons will be faced with the task of getting assessment and these assessments automatically carry a 50 per cent penalty and can really bring hardships on persons at times,” Collector of Taxes at the St. Ann’s Bay Inland Revenue, Cynthia Gilmore, told JIS News.
Noting that the programme began in January of this year, Miss Gilmore said that the sessions that were held during the period were very successful, as persons were receptive and appreciative.
She informed that the programme was not just designed to assist persons in filing their returns, but to educate them on the importance of paying taxes as well.
“We have had several programmes since January and the final one will be at the office in St. Ann’s Bay on March 15, so persons who have not filed their returns as yet still have one last chance to come and get it done,” she said.
Participant at the forum, Christopher Simpson, said he was aware that paying taxes was a way of helping to build Jamaica, explaining that taxes were used to ensure that roads, schools and hospitals were well maintained, so they could be of benefit to every Jamaican.
Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA) Operator, Pamela Payne, said she was happy to be utilizing the services being offered by the Tax Administration Directorate to help persons prepare their tax returns.
“This is good and it is also encouraging because it is very costly to go to financial companies in order to have our tax returns done. If we do not pay our taxes, the country will not be able to function effectively. It does not matter how small the amount. I want to make my contribution because that is where I have my say,” she said.
The St. Ann’s Bay Inland Revenue is opened to the public on weekdays, Monday to Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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