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The stay-at-home order for persons 70 years and older remains in place, but they are allowed to leave once per day for food, medicine, exercise and other necessities of life.

This restriction forms part of the Government’s efforts to control community spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect the most vulnerable from the virus.

“Given the high vulnerability of persons in this age group, particularly those with co-morbidities, I cannot overemphasise the importance of strict adherence to this measure,” said Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, during a digital press conference earlier this week.

He noted that while persons in this age group need to be extra careful and strictly follow the infection control and prevention measures, all Jamaicans should adhere to the measures being implemented by the Government.

“Our younger people have to also be vigilant and careful how they interact with our older population. Those who may be going to school, those who may be going to work, be mindful that while you may not have symptoms… you could have the virus and you could pass it on to the older age cohort in your household or who you interact with,” he pointed out.

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