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The Portland Environment Protection Association (PEPA) is spearheading a tree-planting project on the grounds of the College of Agriculture Science and Education (CASE), aimed at providing a habitat for birds.
The programme, which began in July with the planting of 100 timber trees, will continue in September, with a the planting of five acres of fruit trees. The plants are being provided by the Forestry Department. Tammy Jones, PEPA’s Peace Corps Volunteer, told JIS News that the initial project was undertaken by junior members of Portland Environment Protectors (PEP) clubs, who participated in the PEPA Summer Camp at CASE from July 11 to 15.The 28 participants were drawn from PEP clubs in 10 schools in the parish.
She informed that a larger amount of PEP club members would be participating in the September project, which would involve the planting of apple, mango and breadfruit trees.
Miss Jones told JIS News, that the tree-planting exercise was part of PEPA’s rehabilitation and education programme.
She informed that the organization would constantly be undertaking programmes aimed at sensitising the public about the importance of preserving the environment through the planting of trees, in addition to developing a biodiversity curriculum for grades three to six, to increasing students’ awareness and appreciation of the parish’s ecosystem.

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