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The Portland Environment Protection Association (PEPA) is currently conducting a public education project in schools in the Rio Grande watershed area, to improve the environmental awareness of the students, and to sensitise them about the importance of proper watershed management.
This programme is being undertaken to promote sustainable social and economic development.The programme, which began earlier this year, is being conducted in 14 schools at the primary and secondary levels, with the support of the Ridge to Reef Watershed Management Project.
Machel Donnegan, Manager of PEPA told JIS News that students participating in the programme would be required to establish a compost heap at their schools and establish greening projects, which engender the objectives of the programme.
He noted that students were also required to write an essay on the topic: ‘Why it is important to protect the watershed in Portland’, and that applications have been received from 22 students so far.
Mr. Donnegan said the programme would continue until March of next year, and that the participating students would be able to better appreciate the benefits to be derived from preventing environmental degradation.
He explained that this initiative was similar to other environmental awareness programmes being implemented by PEPA in other areas of the parish, and he was heartened by the high level of enthusiasm being displayed by the students.

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