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Michael Peart, Member of Parliament for South Manchester, has urged Jamaicans to work together to advance the education process.
“Education is not a school project; it embraces students, parents communities and the country,” Mr. Peart stated, as he addressed students and parents, who attended the Jamalco-sponsored back to school assistance function held on August 23 at the Alpart Mining Venture office in Porus.
The Member of Parliament further called on parents to assist their children in getting a good education and to be aware of what their children were learning in school.
He noted that government was committed to the provision of good quality education and over the years, had implemented programmes to develop school plants.
He further congratulated Jamalco on its annual assistance programme, which saw 14 boys and six girls from the Harmons Valley community receiving $5,000 each to pay for tuition fees and purchase textbooks.Community Relations Administrator, Pamela White said that the bauxite company was committed to “giving back to the community through education”.
She also noted that despite the challenges of bringing up well-rounded, educated individuals, Jamalco believed in “developing the minds of our youth”.
Mrs. White congratulated the recipients on behalf of the Jamalco team while Vijay Shim-Hue, one of the students assisted, extended thanks to the company on behalf of her peers.